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Internationalist Campaigns 2

Nimrod Sejake was a veteran South African revolutionary who was living in Ireland for most of the 1980's and 1990's.

He had been involved back in the early 1960's in South Africa, even doing some jail time with Mandela, before going into exile. Aafter years of hardship he ended up in Ireland where he met up with members of Militant, the forerunners of the Socialist Party.

Convinced he had met up with fellow revolutionairies this exile joined Militant until the defeat of the apartheid regime meant he could return home, something which would allow him to see his family after nearrly 35 years.

Before Nimrod returned to South Africa he took part in a number of tours of Ireland to explain to young people the importance of a revolutionary socialist alternative to the evils of capitalism.

Today, December 2001, Nimrod is active with the Democratic Socialist movement, the South African section of the CWI.

Anti-apartheid meetings

1990's. More details later.

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1990's, more details later