Socialist Party posters - updated in July 2007

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International activity 1

Members of the Socialist Party, previously known as Militant, etc, are proud of the principle of Internationalism. It is our political belief that socialism cannot be achieved in one country on its own. Even the largest, successful socialist oprganisation would come under immense international pressure from capitalism, pressure on economic, political and eventually military fronts.

Because of this we subscribe to the idea that, like international capitralism, socialsits MUST be organised internationally. This helps us share experiences, etc. Since 1974 the Irish marxists have been members of the Committee for a Workers' International, which in 2001 has member organisations in 35 states ranging across all 5 continents. (We have to admit that we don't have anyone active buidling socialism on the 6th continent, Antartica!!)

As a part of our international campaigning work we have supported marxists in other states, hence we held the public meeting in Belfast with a Chilian comrade speaking to highlight the lessons of the Military coup.  To read about the coup there are 2 articles on the main Socialist Party site.
The other poster shown here is also very relevant as it was against the involement of the Shell petrol-chemical company in the blatant death of a civil rights activist. As a part of this we erected posters in Belfast calling for a boycott of the Shell garages to put economic pressure on them, posters which were supported by leaflets outside garages.

Articles on the 1973 coup in Chile


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